Nature's Botanica Handmade Natural Soaps

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Posted on 22-Feb-2020 8:57
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We started out making soap in her own kitchen in small scale. The initial investment available was just enough for buying a stainless steel mixing kettle, few plastic jars & two basic ingredients needed for soapmaking. Oils & sodium hydroxide.

handmade soap
With this she created her own product line & she herself designed her products & their packaging. The low initial startup investment was counter balanced by immense amount of time , labor & love that went into creating three years testing soap recipes, the formula for the soap with right consistency & quality design & packaging.

We wanted to create a soap that was gentle, pure & free from chemicals & animal products. These chemicals leach into our body through skin & over a long term can cause immense harm.

The glycerin in the oils gives the soap its moisturizing properties while fresh herbs & natural essential oils are used for medicinal values & fragnances. Nature's botanica boasts that most of the ingredients they use are of edible quality & natural. This obsession with quality has resulted Nature's botanica having hundreds of loyal customers who swear by its products.

We have numerous examples of customers reporting significant decrease in skin ailments & other curative benefits even though soaps are not meant to be medicinal in nature, but just a natural & pure alternative to the chemical laced commercial products.

This further reinforces our belief in the value of natural soap & Nature's botanica is excited about the future & sees an immense opportunities to cater the segment of the market which is looking for a pure & natural option for handmade soaps.

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