Microsoft Power BI Online Training at FuturePoint

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Posted on 11-Mar-2019 19:37
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Scope Topic Introduction 1. Introduction to Power BI and Power BI Products. Also, pricing of Power BI 2. Installing Power BI desktop and sign-in to Power BI app service from Desktop Desktop App Service 3. Explore the Power BI Desktop panels i. Options window (left to Home Menu) ii. Top Ribbon with different data sources ii. Left side vertical panel iv.Right side vertical panels (Visualizations, Fields) Data Cleansing 4. Explore all the data sources and connecting to excel file, text file, folder source, sql server database 5. What is Load and edit? Can we do edit after loading to the model? 6. HOME ribbon I) Choose & Remove columns ii) Keep & remove rows iii) Remove duplicates & Error rows iv) Sorting v) Split column (by delimiter / by no. of characters) vi) Group by vi) data type change vii) First row as headers viii) Replace values ix) Merge queries & Append Quires Transform ribbon i) Transpose, Reverse and Count Rows ii) Fill iii) Pivot and Un-pivot iv) Format v) Merge columns and Extract vi) statistics / standard/ Scientific / Trigonometry / Round/ Information vi) Date/ Time / Duration Add Column ribbon Add Custom columns / Index column View ribbon i) Query settings ii) Advanced editor iii) Formula bar (M-Query) iv) Mono spaced v) Show whitespace Left / RightPanels i) Left side vertical panel (Queries) Table and options ii) Left side vertical panel (Query settings) Properties and Applied steps with gear icons 7. How to load the cleansed and transformed data to the data model (Close and Apply option)? Data Modelling 8. What is relationship window and Data window from Left side vertical panel 9. Relationship window