4th International Conference on Emerging Strides in Innovations and Sk

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Posted on 4-Dec-2015 13:13
Event on 4-Dec-2015
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In the Skill Development process obsolete dimensions are not having any relevance today. Now this era requires Innovations in every kind of Skill Sets whether Managerial, Technical or Human Skill to achieve the organizational goal of Sustainable Development. Global Economy has now looking towards India as an emerging International Economic Super Power. One of reasons behind such thought process is the, Globally reasonable labour cost and a rich talent pool which has been a distinct advantage available to India throughout its well diversified socio-economic growth story. Keepin above in mind the confrence has following Objectives :To explore the various Issues, Challenges and Opportunities for Innovations, Skill Development and Sustainability on the Global Scenario.To understand the Role of Innovations in the Skill Development in relations to the Sustainable Development.To analyze the Dynamics of Innovations in the Field of Management & Technology for Skill Development.To Explore the Integrated Role of Industry, Academia and Government in Bridging the SKILL GAP through promotion of Innovations for the sustainable model of development.To analyze the various advantages of Innovations, Skill Development & Sustainability in the Entrepreneurial Development Process.To explore all the possible avenues of Sustainable Development through Innovations and Skill Development keeping care of the Triple Bottom Line Approach

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